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We create and produce custom sculpture to the design and budget criteria of our clients. Whether it is a spiritual theme or a secular concept, we are committed to creating unique sculpture that will communicate the purpose and image of your company or organization.

We have the ability to produce in most any medium and in quantities from one to thousands.

"Throughout history, quality theme sculpture has been highly treasured, displayed prominently, and has proven to be a powerful communicator continually delivering its message." Ron Nees, Director of Development


Your design ideas will be created to your criteria, or working together we will help you develop original design concepts. Our unique three-step design process ensures that most home/office-sized sculptures can be completed within 60 - 90 days. The completion time of life-sized sculptures are determined individually.

While custom sculpture is commissioned for a wide variety of purposes, we have found that, for the most part, our commissioned sculptures are used as a special presentation to honor achievement, support, dedication and commitment to an important cause or event. Custom theme sculptures communicate the specific message of the client and serve as a constant reminder to the recipient of their importance to the cause, whether it be a Christian or secular organization.


Masters Custom Studio will produce in most materials, at any scale and in any quantities.


• High Grade Casting Stone
• Resin
• Pewter
• Solid Bronze

Scale: Miniature to bigger than life.

Quantity: One-of-a-kind to thousands.


Masters Custom Studio will assist and/or develop the design and production of marketing materials and programs.

• Product Labels
• Promotional Materials
• Packaging
• Distribution


Over the past few years, art director Scott Stearman has created over 35 commissioned sculptures. The following is a partial listing of our valued clients.


Junior Achievement
Good Samaritan Hospital
Mercy Health Center
National Anti-Poaching Foundation
Coca Cola
Vietnam Veterans Group
Liberty High School
Tri-Lakes Equestrian
10th Mountain Division
Peak Memorials
Family Portraits - several
Celestial Seasonings
U.S. National Judo Foundation
Student Leadership Institute

Christian Organizations

The Salvation Army
Focus on the Family
Knox Area Rescue Missions
Nazarene Colleges and Universities
United Methodist Church Publishing
African Methodist Zion Church
NYI Youth Ministries
Compassionate Ministries
Foundation Church Growth Division
Howard Payne University

Let us know how we can work closely with you to develop an overall business plan consistent with your criteria and financial guidelines. Contact us by phone at 1-800-433-5858 or by email at

Special Commissioned Sculptures

• The Calling (The Church of the Nazarene) and Feed My Sheep (Salvation Army) were created to represent the high calling to Christian service and is presented and made available to those entering and serving in ministry.

• The Ski Trooper was created to honor those who served in the 10th Mountain Division in World War II. Initially a home/office-sized sculpture was created and sold to fund the larger-than-life bronze sculpture placed at the ski museum in Vail, Colorado.

• The Timothy Award was created to honor those involved in Christian youth ministry and is presented annually throughout the country to recognize the achievement of youth pastors.

• The James Varick sculpture (African Methodist Zion Church) was a bust created to honor their founder and made available to their members during their bi-centennial celebration. Special bronze versions of the home-sized sculpture were created for special presentations.

• The Junior Achievement award sculptures are presented by individual chapters to honor their key financial, staff, and volunteer supporters.

• Celestial Seasonings sculpture depicts their corporate logo and was presented to key corporate executives honoring their achievements.

• Tears From a Grateful Heart was commissioned as a life-sized bronze sculpture by a University to honor "all those who have sacrificed for our freedom". The home/office-sized version has been marketed internationally for several years through The Christian Home Gallery dealers and military facilities.

• The Coca-Cola Company commissioned "The Homecoming" as a limited edition sculpture in tribute to America's Armed Forces.

• Do As I Have Done commissioned for the campus at Howard Payne University in Texas.

• The Salvation Army has commissioned several sculptures including William Booth, Evangeline Booth, Feed My Sheep, Someone Cares, and the Army Next.

• Loaves and Fishes both desk size and a life-size bronze for the Knox Area Rescue Mission.

“Art is not simply the ability to manipulate tools effectively, it is more the ability to observe and see the world around you, interpreting the shapes, hue and shades of what you have seen and translating those impressions and ideas into sculptural forms.” Scott Stearman


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